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1. Shohei Ohtaniijַʽ2021ƣǾֲ49ݴ򣬲106п2.52 ERA14-3ٶȼʻٴӮMVP

2.С??׶ޣVladimir Guerrero Jr.Gaudyͳݣ.327ƽ51ݴ116 RBIMVPͶƱнһOhtaniıУⲻš

3.Сɵ¡ǣRonaldAcu?aJr.MVPѡƱʤΪ …

4.ء¶ɭMatt OlsonĵһӮNL MVP¶ɭOlson³˹԰Truist Parkش˺ůݿ45αݴ򣬿117жΪ1.006˵ģ׵˭


6. Max Scherzer will win his fourth Cy Young award after going 17-8 with a 2.16 ERA and 223 strikeouts for the Mets. He’ll also have a 19-strikeout game in June.

7. Lucas Giolito will have a career year for the White Sox, winning the AL Cy Young award with an 18-5 record and a 2.21 ERA. He’ll also throw one of the no-hitters.

8. Mike Trout will be healthy-ish all season and produce more Mike Trout-like numbers: 32 homers, 101 RBIs, a .403 OBP and 7.7 WAR. You love to see it. Also …

9. The Angels will earn?the third AL wild card with a surprising 87-75 record, finally returning to the postseason and giving Trout and Ohtani the chance to shine under the bright October lights.

10. Jacob deGrom will start the All-Star Game for the National League after going 8-1 in the first half despite missing the first month of the season.

11. Freddie Freeman will win the NL batting title with a .334 average.

12. Michael Brantley will win the AL batting title with a .329 average.

13. Juan Soto will lead all of MLB will an on-base percentage of .477.

14. Seiya Suzuki will hit his first homer for the Cubs on Opening Day (today!) and finish the season with 26.

15. Bobby Witt Jr.?will have a three-homer game in July and seal his AL Rookie of the Year campaign with 30 dingers.

16. Marcus Semien?will have the longest hitting streak of the season, at 32 games.

17. The Blue Jays will lead the AL with 102 wins, finishing four games ahead of the Rays.

18. The Dodgers will lead the NL with 104 wins, finishing seven games ahead of the Giants.

19. Zack Greinke will be the only (non-Ohtani) pitcher to hit a homer, pinch-hitting in a blowout in August.

20. The Brewers will have the longest winning streak of the season, at 11 games.

21. The Orioles will have the longest losing streak of the season, at nine games.

22. The Braves will repeat as World Series champs, defeating the Blue Jays in five games.

Bank on it.